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Another hypothetical situation

Part of this situation is that you momentarily lost situational awareness or were forced to ignore it. It would seem that, in the real world, it can happen that you walk into dark alleys, into shadows, etc and can not always find a way around...

You are walking with a young child who is related to you in a darkened, deserted parking deck. You dont like it, you start to see movement and people on the periphery, and suddenly the child sees them, too, gets scared, and starts running.

With no other options, you give chase. You hear multiple pairs of feet pick up the pace behind you.

The child, thinking as children do, finds his/her way into a nice tactically useless corner. Think 14 foot concrete walls meeting above a concrete floor. You get to the child, and turn to assess the situation.

There are multiple BGs, say 4, brandishing knives, bats, etc. They have stopped running, and are slowly approaching spread out to cover your escape routes.

You are armed with whatever you would have. You knew you were going to have to go into a parking garage alone, at night, but you did not expect it to empty of other people so quickly. So no hidden shotguns, but you could have multiple handguns.

Here is the dilemma: They do not know you are armed, but there are many of them. If you wait until they are 7 yards away, you could not possibly get them all. If you start shooting when they are still 50 feet away, is it justified?

Would you stand in the corner, between the young-un and the BGs, and shoot? Or would you pick him/her up (compromising your ability to shoot somewhat) and try to run through one BG, possibly shooting him in the process? Or would you try something else?

Would it be different if they were not brandishing weaponry? How?

This is the end result of my general wondering about hazy encounters. Ones where the threat to life and limb are not immediately added, but slowly build up. (Like in the movies, admitedly)
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