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Remington 870P Police MAX (#4971) pricing + trigger tension question

Hi everyone. This forum is chocked full of great information and while I have been reading, this is my first post.

I've decided to get a shotgun for home defense. From what I've read here, it sounds like most everyone agrees that an 870P is a fine choice. I had no luck finding a local dealer that can order one of these guns for me, so I called Remington and they referred to me to a semi-local Police Force distributor, which I promtly contacted. They said they can sell me an 870P Police MAX, which is Remington order #4971 on the Remington Law Enforcement website, , for $734.99. I should note that I think I want all the stuff that comes on the MAX. I didn't know about the max, so I described what I wanted and the guy told me about the MAX, which covered all those bases straight from the factory. My questions is, does this price sound reasonable for getting all that stuff at once and pre-installed. It has everything I want except for a 6-shell side saddle, which I'll have to add myself. I did some rough number crunching and it sounds like it wouldn't be much cheaper to order the gun and parts seperately and pay individual shipping for all of it and then have to mod it myself. What are your thoughts? Is that pretty much the going price for this shotgun setup?

On a sidenote, is it true that I can simply replace the 7 lb trigger spring on the police model with a 4 lb trigger spring from the standard model without modification or adverse effects? Any comments would be appreciated. If I am going to get the gun, I need to get it in 3 or 4 days because they only have one in stock and it's been held for 2 weeks for a non-payer, so it's first come first served.

Thanks everyone.
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