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Steyr problem

Thanks guys
No, do not want to sell it, as Left handers are real hard to come by even in well used condition - and it was working!
The ammo is definitely headstamped: 30.06 SPRG IMI (used in both an 1903A3 and a P17 that have owned in the past)
Have now checked gun with two types of factory ammo:- IMI and some Dutch "MILSURP" - both of which were used in an 1903A3 and a P17 (the IMI is a real hot round and flattens primers) Steyr bolt STILL won't close....
I have full length resized, using RCBS dies, checked every dimension in Richard Lees book using a digital vernier and the bolt still won't close. Suspecting it might be a head space problem I F/L resized some 308 cases in RCBS dies in the 308 and 30.06 dies... bolt still won't close.
By completely covering a case in felt tip pen ink and attempting to chamber witness marks can seen on the area of the case approx .3 to .5 in from the extractor groove.
What I think it needs is a quick lick out with a chamber reamer?
was thinking of getting the gun Ackley Imp - but maybe not??
Re: Autofrettage - anyone here know anything about the process? and "Re-yielding" pressure post-autofrettage?

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