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I'll second the mention of WW296 for full-house .44 Magnum loads. My 629 seems to shoot well with this powder and jacketed bullets. I have yet to really try to see what it will do with this powder and 240gr lead SWCs, but that's most because I am having too much fun shooting this gun with lighter loads. 9.7gr of W231, a WLP primer and 240gr lead SWC to be precise. Very mild and pleasant to shoot and it clocks just over 1100fps from my 6" barrel. With the 296 I have tried 20.6 grains (it's what the disc in the measure threw) with Winchester 240gr SJHP and Hornday 240 XTPs. I may try heavier loads later, but with ~5-6" groups at 50 yards and 1200fps, I don't see much need to change it yet.

Rmouleart, whereabouts in New Hampshire are you?

Edited to add: Someday I will get some of the 255gr Cast Core bullets from LBT to try out. I think those bullets at ~1200-1300fps would be a perfect do-it-all load for the 48 contiguous states in a .44 Magnum.
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