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Steyr Mannlicher problem

Steyr Mannlicher problem
either Model L or M - not sure - in 30.06 with left hand bolt.
collected it just before Christmas from the same source as the Walther.
Fired some test rounds (IMI Samson FMJ) thru it - approx 5 - before the huge 4 x 6 Nickel scope come back and bit me i.e "scope eye" and hurt head stopped play
so went home - loaded some lower power home loads - full lenth resize RP cases/155gr FMJ.....would NOT chamber!??? i.e. bolt handle will not close over last half inch of travel - albeit a bit notchy but closes OK with empty chamber.
tried some of the IMI Samson FMJ ...would NOT chamber!???
Cleaned the entire gun - cannot see anything stuck in the chamber
It would appear that the chamber has been reduced in diameter vis length? is this possible?
it has been suggested that the chamber needs re-reaming?
any clues before I start throwing money at the beast??

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