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FWIW guys, the bank scenario may be the worst place to draw down on the tango. As a bank employee, I am trained in the three C's -- Comply, Comply, Comply!!! Unfortunately, I am not allowed to act. I have to do what the tango says and if safely possible, sound the alarm, usually after the perp leaves. At my branch in particular, we have no security on site. We have to hope and pray that the PD are nearby. They usually are, being that they have a <3 minute response time.

Now, that being said, if I were in the lobby as a customer, my first priority would be to get as much of a description as possible. My second priority is to find the nearest exit or piece of cover. If this is a quiet robbery where noone is the wiser except me, the teller, and the tango, then I will try to nonchalantly notify the nearest bank employee who should have the magic button at his or her desk.

A few LEO have told me that most bank robberies are for drug money. Rarely will you see any on the scope and scale of the LA shootout or what recently happened in Ireland. The guy will come in, approach the teller, and get out as quickly as possible. If he draws attention to himself, then the game is up and he is out the money. The two bank robberies that I have been in are just the same way. Before I or anyone else knew what happened, the robber was out the door. The first time, I made the mistake of trailing after the yutz just to get a description and license plate. The second time, the perp walked out the door and stopped behind the building to shed his disguise and toy gun. What he didn't realize was that he was right outside the lobby and everyone could see him through the mirrored glass.

Most robberies in a true bank lobby are done during the early morning hours. Right at opening when most of us are preoccupied with getting the coffee and answering our emails. I honestly didn't pay attention like I usually do the first time. I would have hit the button if I had seen something amiss. A little hint, if you want to live out this scenario, start doing your banking when the branch opens up.

The grocery store banks are the worst. These are usually hit by dime store thugs just trying to get some quick and dirty cash. You couldn't pay me enough to work in one of those banks. Thank Gawd my bank doesn't operate any. These are the guys who will come in and make noise. They are the most violent offenders. They usually will pistol whip someone to comply and show force. Way too much goin on in the store to attempt to stop the guys here.

Mini marts and liquor stores are not sound scenarios either. These are ofttimes violent robberies that occur and usually end up with someone (i.e. the clerk) getting shot and killed. Forget the roscoe, bring a street howitzer with you when you shop here. Nothing short of a 12 ga. will stop whatever hopped up drugged out maniac intent on robbing this place of business.

I think the greatest thing I learned in CHL class is being aware of my surroundings. I don't ever wish to try and shoot it out with an armed adversary in a storefront situation. The chance is too great that something will go wrong. Mr. Murphy will always find a way to foul things up.

IF AND ONLY IF the threat of imminent harm to myself and others is present, I will expend all the ammunition I have to stop the guy. I hope I never have to. Like some of you have said earlier, I have a wife to go home to as well.
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