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Slaping has not worked for me

Once the round has fired (Right handed) my had comes off the trigger and with an open flat right hand HIT the bolt upward with the palm. When it hits the stop I run my hand into a fist closing around the bolt and at the same time pull it all the way back.
When it hits the stops again I rotate my had over the top and push forward, when it hits the stops I push down and open my hand. When it closes all the way my hand is in the correct position to get back on the trigger and bang.
Its east to do, but hard to do smothly and as some one here smarter than me said it best
PRACTICE< PRACTICE, practice, there is only one thing I can add
There are faster ways, but when it comes to dangerious targest, I feel that the smother more controled way is better than just speed.
The important thing is not just relaoding the gun but to get your hand back on the trigger and head back onto position for the shot.
Like one other person put it, fast is great if all your doing is exchanging money for noise.
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