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numbers = knowledge (but only if you have the numbers...)

>> you know those small propane tanks? 5 gal i think.

OK, a 5 gallon proprane at 50 yards. We have target size and distance.

Now, to the point of the thread ("How to operate a bolt action in rapid fire"):

What are your split times?

>> the taller ones i'll stand up and space them 10 yards apart, and then try to knock them down with one shot as quickly as possible.

Right, I still understand the concept. Again, what is your shot-to-shot speed when shooting a bolt action rifle, given 5 gallon propane tanks at 50 yards?

Ask a football player how fast he is and he'll probably give you his 40 yard dash time. ("I can run the 40 in 4.7 seconds.") Numbers equal knowledge.
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