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Your right. Just give into them. Give them the money. Perpetuate (sp?)
the cycle. Be sheep. Be timid. Give the BG the money and he will go away.
If some potential hero with a gun caused any of my family members to be hurt during a hold-up he'd have a lot more than the hold-up man to worry about. I have a good idea of the proportion of hold-ups that result in people being injured despite cooperating vs. being hurt after somone tried to thwart the hold-up, and if you were responsible for escalating the situation because you felt the need to buck the odds to realize your hero fantasy, I'd be your worst nightmare.

How many people have you shot? Do you have any idea how hard it is to immediatly incapacitate someone who isn't a stationary paper target, assuming you're even able to get the first shot off? If you're so bent on changing things, why don't you hang out in the ghetto for a while with a nice car, nice clothes, and a fat wallet in the wee hours on a hot August night. I'm sure it won't be long before you have a chance to see realize your potential. Maybe Charles Bronson can play you in the movie...
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