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FrankDrebin wrote:

In the great majority of cases, robberies DON'T turn into shootings.....Which is why people who work in retail are generally forbidden to carry guns, and are instructed to give up the cash, and why it I'd rather be involved in a hold-up with with people who understand this, as opposed to people who are convinced they have a "moral obligation" to start shooting whenever they see a gun in order to save the day.
Your right. Just give into them. Give them the money. Perpetuate (sp?)
the cycle. Be sheep. Be timid. Give the BG the money and he will go away.

When will this type of thinking STOP? They are CRIMINALS. They CHOOSE to be CRIMINALS. The rights reserved for law abiding citizens NO LONGER APPLY. If we delt with criminals in a much harsher manner, perhaps they would think twice before they murder, rob, rape, and spread fear?

Oh, I can beat to death and rape a few old ladies and the worst I will get is life in prison, where I have no bills, am always fed, have no responsibilities, and recieve medical care? the situation I'm in now.

How do you STOP that type of reasoning? With FEAR OF SWIFT PUNISHMENT.
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