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second teh yugo and buttloads of ammo.

some ammo has a tendancy to make the bolt 'stick', so you may have to try a few different types of surplus ammo. the romanian '77 thats found in sealed 'spam' cans is fairly good.

i read a suggestion about twisting the rifle with your support hand as you unlock the bolt back, to shorten the actual distance you turn the bolt, and twist back as you close the bolt. didnt work for me, so what i do is grip the stock with my support hand tightly as i unshoulder, and just work the bolt open sharply. if it dont get a good grip on it, it does slow things up just a hair.

i like to practice it on steel targets (such as an empty propane tank) about 50 yards out. you can hear the round hit and if its late in the day around pre-dusk you can start to see the sparks fly.

made an odd discovery about sparks as well. turns out certain rockface creates sparks as well. its probably common knowledge, but i just found this out myself. yaaaay me!
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