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Same way you get to Carnegie Hall . . .

(Practice, practice, practice! )

I just slap my bolts. I'm a lefty, and I just take my right hand off the forestock, whack the bolt up and back, slap it forward, continue the motion to replace my hand on the stock, fire, and repeat.

Several of my milsurp shooting friends have commented on how quickly I can aim, shoot and repeat left-handed. I shoot a lot faster than they do right-handed. The simple truth is that I've shot up a lot of milsurp ammo over the years.

You might think about getting a Yugo M48 and a whole ton of Turk ball ammo for cheap, just to practice rapid-firing with the Mauser action. That practice should translate effectively to your dangerous game Mauser . . . .

(Hey! 1500 posts! Cool. )
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