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I don't care how many cells your flashlight has, the notion of it 'blinding' somebody is largely crap put out by companies like Surefire who want you to believe that a beam of flashlight light is somehow a weapon. Maybe you get lucky and it works, but I would not count on it.

Just what part of the bright light keeps the bad guy from shooting toward the light source or randomly shooting in whatever direction he wants? No part of the light does this. Bad guys are bad guys, so they don't care about bystanders, family members, etc. in your home. So sure you shine your big bright light in his face and he shoots 'blindly' about, rounds going every which direction before he clumsily departs after running out of ammo and you feel so good for "stopping" the bad guy until you discover one of his shots has managed to go through the wall and into your child's little skull.

Bright light only stops people who are concerns about the safety rules and that group of people does not include bad guys.
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