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Loading a handgun with blanks is a VERY BAD idea. If you are trying to scare a BG then use some other method. There are plenty of BGs who are armed. Some BGs might not consider firing on someone until they are fired upon. Some of these wackos might even run away and come back a few minutes later ready for a gunfight. Your advantage of surprise is now gone. He knows that you are armed, you saw his face, and the cops won't be there for 20 minutes. That is why your one shot has to count if you are going to use a handgun for home defense.

Everybody has his or her own method for home defense. No one way is necessarily wrong. However, some methods might lead to more conflict than is necessary. You never know the temperment or background of the person who decides to break into your home. Yes, even some BGs are very proficient with firearms.
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