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There is little recoil when firing a blank, so the next round (with a bullet) would be easy to aim quickly if needed.
What are you going to aim at? Have you ever fired a shot in the dark?

All you are going to see is a whiteish yellowish ball that consumes all of your vision. You are not going to know if the threat that you did not identify in the first place is still a threat or has transformed into your wife or child.

He on the other hand, if so inclined, will be firing hard bullets in the general direction of the threat, you, because he doesn't care if you are you or your wife or child.
here is no good reason to do this. If you pull a gun on someone, the requirements for lethal force should already be met, because you are employing lethal force whether the gun is loaded with a blank or not. If you are squeamish about taking a life, then reconsider the whole prospect of owning firearms for self defense. If you are not sqeamish, then use the weapon effectively
Yep, if he's worth pointing a real gun at he's worth shooting a real bullet at
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