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Use Of Blanks For Self Defense

This is something I've been considering since my recent purchase of a Taurus .38 spcl snubbie (M85). I am of the opinion that for home defense, making the first shot a blank might have some advantages (as well as disadvantages, of course). Here's how I look at it: In this litigous society in which criminals often sue the innocent defender for injuries, wouldn't it make sense to defuse the situation in a way in which no physical harm will befall the perp? Using a blank cartridge as the first round may be all that is needed to end a bad situation with nobody worse for the wear. Here are the advantages:

1. The flash/bang of the blank cartridge will, in my opinion be sufficient in most encounters with a BG to send him running (or messing his pants ).

2. There is little recoil when firing a blank, so the next round (with a bullet) would be easy to aim quickly if needed.

3. By using a blank cartridge as the first round, a fraction of a second could be saved since accurate aiming isn't necessary.

4. As sometimes happens, in the event that a family member is accidentally targeted as an intruder, firing that blank round will cause little or no harm.


1. In a revolver holding only 5 rounds, use of a blank reduces firepower by 20%. That extra bullet could come in handy.

2. This method can only be realistically applied to revolvers, since semi-auto's won't eject a blank cartridge (am I correct on this?).

What do you think? Am I way off base?
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