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Double Naught Spy wrote:

Solemn duty to society? What? To protect those folks who haven't taken the time or had the inclination to learn to protect themselves? I don't think so. I help save some poor schmuck behind the counter and I get sued by the family of the deceased, not the schmuck behind the counter. Why is it my duty to risk my life and livelihood for some guy who has bothered to take care of himself?

I haven't purchased guns, gotten training, and practiced so that I can go play super hero.
I know this isn't going to change your mind, because people always think they are right, but it has to be said. Its this very 'out for me, screw everyone else' mentality that has made this society the cesspool that it is today. There are very few decent men that are willing to stand up for others as well as themselves. These are the very principles this country was founded on! No one has any respect, or a sense of morality, or ethics anymore. Its ME, ME, ME. People are selfish, self-serving, self-centered, and self-absorbed. Its like the doctor who lets the 85 year old man die, that he thinks in reality he could probably save, but the patients age and health give a good chance of death on the table, so the doctor does
dies....he can't be sued......oh well.....he was 85 anyway.....

Anyone who can rationalize this type of thinking, maybe doesn't deserve to live in this country whos founding fathers believed exactly the opposite.....
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