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As I said before, best not to act, because in my state you can be charged and held responsible for escelating (sp?) the situation, and will probly be sued if you traumatize some schmuck by getting BG blood on them, or using a dirty, dirty, gun in their presense. :barf:

But this is AMERICA......and it wasn't that long ago in the GREAT, AWESOME country we call home, that a BG threatening some innocent person's life faced the chance of getting a hail of bullets from almost every red-blooded, honest, stand up, patriotic, take no crap AMERICAN in the bank.....

And the LEO's of the time woulda came in.....well, he tried to rob the bank huh? Threatened to kill you huh? Waving a gun in a threatening manner huh? So you shot him......good for you......somebody go get the undertaker....hey you there.....drag this guy outside......
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