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my present day job is security and LP at a very large church with an inner city ministry. A lot different from police work, but to a great end. We save souls while not letting them kill us-- just kidding-- but not much- have the usual fights, etc, you would expect when having rival gangs on same basketball court, etc, and of course I am not armed on this job-- it is great. we are realy making a difference in these kids lives.

Also, have the traditional church on other side of the street and teh old guys roll up their sleeves and help

One of my best friends at work has written several acclaimed books on raising teen age girls. Of course, an assett is that I am an ex cop and wehn they found out I am a writer I cannot express the support they have given me. When my second book came out, everyone wanted a copy--
but only if they could buy it1 They feel that buying the book is real support.

These folks are a ok each and every one of over 50 staff and ministers that work here- we have another published author in the counseling/youth field I dont know very well. The pay is not great as you may expect and I actually said I would try it a week. its been a year and I would work another job to stay here!!!!!

So, that is my work enviroment. And when it's late and I am watching over the tv gear, etc, I work on my books and articles with the express support of my boss and ministers. It doesn't get much better---
not to mention making a hole in the gangs. Of course, when one gets saved the other hate him but they have to deal with that---

have a good night.
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