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I wouldn't have reamed the chamber larger in the 1969-vintage rifle below.

It's too nice, and I can make it work for me. Nor would I be assured that if I sent the rifle back to Browning they wouldn't do something I didn't ask for, like scratch the French walnut, garf the Belgian blueing, make the trigger heavier to comply with 2004 liability concerns, etc.

Small-base resizing dies are readily available from RCBS, and take care of the extra case diameter often found just above the extractor groove. You need the resizing die and a thinner shell holder, it's really a piece of cake.

Browning's manual for the rifle really didn't make mention of what bullet weights to use. I attribute it to the fact that the rifle uses the White system of gas operation, where it uses what it needs to cycle the action, then bleeds off the excess.

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