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My $.02

I have use the product they call "Armor-tuff". It is made by KG industries. You can go to and check it out. I can tell you it all depends on the prep work, and the finishing. After the spray on application it has to be baked. 300-350 for 60 minutes. Now, if by some reason they skipped the last step (Baking) it would come right off with solvent, or any other number of cleaners. I would be willing to bet that it did not get baked. I have applied this finish to a barrel that had the tritium sight already on it, with our any damage. Worst case the insert might loosen up, but the vial would stay intact. I could just be resecured with epoxy.

Now......for my $.02 about Wilson Combat. They make excellent barrels. I think they are over priced on there service, and on the guns they sell. You are just paying for the name. If you will look at a Scattergun Shotgun, they use an "Express" receiver. I am a full time LE firearms instructor/Armorer. The Remington people will tell you do not use "Express" shotguns in Law Enforcement. They will not hold up to the higher pressure loads, and punishment. As an agency we do not pay much more for the "Police Magnums" than what a regular "Express" Cost. So I can put to rest all who will say that Remington just wants to sell a more expensive gun. That is not the case.
W.C. is in the money making business, and the express is the cheapest in both price and quality. You can take a monkey and put a dress on it, but it is still a monkey.
"Fast is Fine but accuracy is final.".....Wyatt Earp.
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