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Question for those with semi-auto "sporting rifles", like BAR, 7400, etc.

I'm curious about what loads will cycle these guns reliably. Can you tell me what loads have definitely worked, and if you know, what ones have not been totally reliable in your gun. Be specific in your answer, like "80 and 90 grain loads in .243 work in my safari-grade BAR, but not 105 grain loads". Also list the brand and type if commercial, and the powder charge & other specifics if a handload, and the reason you believe for the failure, whether a COL problem, or simply powder charge problem. I'm primarily interested in what loads will cycle well in the more common calibers, like .243 win, .270 win, .308 win, 30-'06, and .338 winmag, and I'm particularly interested to know whether the loads with the longest, heaviest bullets will cycle perfectly reliably in each respective caliber, like 105s for 243, 150+ in .270, 180s or 190s in .308, 200s or 220s in .30-'06, and 250+ in .338, or any knowledge or experience related to this subject. Thanks.
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