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NovaSS,You only have oneside of the story here,because Wilson Combat has no interest in what anyone thinks.The day this was posted originally,I e-mailed it to the supervisor that was of no help to me.Other's have e-mailed them about this post and what they have done.If you were being wrongfully accused of something,wouldn't you come here to defend yourself??
I welcome them to come here, but if it is for anything but the long overdue apology,I will have someone scan the document on a disc I have from a credible Gunsmith and post his findings on here that details the defect.AS far as JoeQ liar,while I've been in retail myself,if you can't tell the difference between fact and fiction,then you need not be in a position to make warranty decisions.
How convient, anytime a warranty issue comes up it is never the companies fault because the public is probably lying to get something "free".A company will go out of business just as well for lying to the "public" and not backing up their words in the warranty.I have no reason to make my case anymore,the money has been credited back and my gun has been repaired by a company Wilson Combat can't even be qualified to hold their jockstrap.Somtimes oneside of the story and the absence of the other speaks for itself.

abelew said ("and i tend to believe him/why would he sand his gun that he just got coated")

Thank you for your post abelew.
See everybody? Sometimes a warranty issue is just a little common sense! Now maybe, if Wilson Combat starts exhibiting some, they won't totally destroy their business by believing "JoeQ" is always lying.
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