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but what about an mac10 or m16 with FA. anyone could afford one of these things...
Mac 10s are around $3,000 now. M16s go for around $11,000 and up.

That's 4,432 and 16,251 marks, respectively.

As for the murder rate, I'm willing to bet that at least 95% (assuming that number was for murders in which a firearm was used, and not the total U.S. murder rate) of those crimes were committed by people who purchased their firearms illegally, or stole them. Meaning more laws aren't going to stop them from purchasing more firearms illegally. All they do it disarm the people who legally purchase firearms (among other reasons) in order to protect them and their families against those who purchase them illegally for use in crimes. What good is it to have people have to get government permission to obtain a firearm, when the gang banger down the street doesn't have to, because he buys them illegally out of a guy's trunk, or steals them.
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