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hi allan and shaggy.

your arguments seem quite convincing, if you consider the barriers of a regular civilian in order to get one of these guns. (permission+high costs)
but what about an mac10 or m16 with FA. anyone could afford one of these things...
however, you are right, never shot a FA gun. things are handled different over here, if you are not in the army or a police officer or a collector you won't ever come close to one of these things. during the time i spent in maryland (2001-2002) i didn't get the opportunity to shoot any gun. as far as i know, theres a 10round restriction in MD, so there wouldn't have been any sense in FA guns, anyway...

@alan. i certainly think the german way of handling guns is the better one. not because the FA guns, but because of the regular semis, awailable to everyone. i mean think about it, if u considder there where 250 gun murders in 2000 while 11000 guns murders in us (refering to michael moore). ok, the us is three times as big as germany, but this still just would be 750 gun murders (therefore less than 10% of the us gun crimes...)
i mean, what's the big deal of a permission for guns like in germany? i think that's a good way and a good compromise between gun-owners and gun-haters...
...i allmost forgot it. i live 20 miles away from Wiesbaden. that the capital of the state where i live, named Hessen.
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