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joerng: "well thanks everyone. i went with the xd for me and the glock for her. just because glock has prooven it self xd is new to the ring and i am not willing to take that chance. but thanks for the great input."

hehe good choice, BUY EM BOTH !! i like your way of thinking , now the nice thing is that at the range u can trade off and perhaps trade off carrying one or the other, learning to use both guns efficiently will be the best option, careful... u might find that XD ends up in your wifes holster... as she will probably like it more than the glock but who knows she might like the glock more... im personally not a glock guy, they feel weird in my hand and the finish makes em feel slippery to me... but thats me, u have to use what works best for you =)

good luck, and good shooting !! !
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