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hi shaggy,
of course there are less incidents with FA guns, cause there are less of these possed by civilians in comparison to shotguns, ect. thats also why there are probalby no accidents with FA guns while hunting, since its prohibited in most states to hunt with FA. but especially the hunting example was supposed to show, thats there no real porpuse of a FA gun in civilian hands.
i mean, u can use a sg for hunting, homedefense, plinging as well as for sports, but FA is just eventually for fun.
however, u can't be serious to tell me, that a proper defense w/o harming your environment with a FA is posible. just imagine, at the time when 2-3 bullets of a handgun are on there way a FA has already passed 30 rounds...i think 30 bullets flying around you its far more dangerous then 3. especially if you considder, that controlling a gun while using FA mode is far more difficult to the average! civilian than handling a semi-auto. therefore the chance of missing and harming others is far higher.

since im not quite familiar with american presedence (is that how u write it?)
cases therefore if no idea about miller vs. state. what was the result of the case?

greetings from germany... sig-fan
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