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Ive seen Wilson Combat shottys around, and always wanted one, but their cost was prohibitive. For 1 of them, I could get 2 marine mags (same shotty, just redone by wilson). Sounds as if Wilson forgot to parkerize it, and then the S--t hit the fan. Now, since all we can do is take his word (and i tend to believe him/why would he sand his gun that he just got coated), everyone just calm down. I appriciate the warning, not just about Wilson, but the coat that they applied, as in the future I might have concidered it (I dunno, I might have wanted it too). Ive had wierd customer service problems in the past (not with guns) that everyone else kinda scratched their heads at, and that I had become emotionally enraged at, because of their stupidity/thichkeadedness. Even had a cell phone company call my parents to complain that I had cussed at them (promised me a refund, signed a paper to the effect, then didnt send it to me till 6 weeks after it shoulda been there, i think they didnt have the $, but didnt want to tell me that). While becoming emotionaly upset is not the best idea, we all have done it, and being human, we will continue to. I am happy that the CC company credited the $ and that he is getting his shotty refinished as it should be (always hated firearm casualties due to incompetence, by owner or manufacturer). Best of luck, and happy shootin.
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