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buy the Savage

Not a bad price. Spend at least as much on a really good scope scope and mounts. Carefully bed the stock, spend +/- $100 on a good trigger - Sharpshooter and Basix are a bargain and easy to set up. Shoot out the barrel while you learn to hit things and reload for accuracy. Then replace the barrel - by then you'll know what caliber and chamber you want and what a good stock is.

Really great accuracy, toughness, reliability, and functionality can be had from a Savage 110 (et al) for a fraction of the price of anything else. You can cut your umbilicals to gunsmiths - scratching the wait, cost, and, shaky fulfillment. Parts are available, cheap, high quality, and easy to fit.

Don't scrimp on sighting equipemt quality! You can buy used, cheap - provided the scope has lifetime warranty support (like Leupold!).

Good luck.

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