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Seems like the crux of this argument is contained in Tamara's statement:
It's probably more a condemnation of my level of physical coordination than it is of the techniques,
Why limit you're available avenues to perform a clearance drill when the whole idea behind a one handed drill is that you are already physically handicapped?

Pat said the ejection port method would be unusable by 90% of shooters. If only 10% can do it when they're healthy, how many can perform the task while starting to go into shock, or just shaking with adrenaline and fatigue?

If this one handed clearance stuff is actually valuable (how often should a decent combat gun ever jam?), then the drill should be performable by someone NOT at the top of his game. Because someone working with one arm, in a gunfight, probably isn't at the top of theirs.

As an aside, it is always amusing to see how much training infrastructure has evolved to service JUST 1911s. As someone pointed out, the ejection port trick isn't going to work on many guns, including most anything with a modified Browning lockup. And you are only able to use that front sight because no one has yet made an effort to 'Novak' it to match the rear. I was talking to a gent that was having problems in a class locking open his gun to perform a particular clearance drill. Nevermind the fact that gun couldn't jam in the manner the drill taught - so he had to train for the circumstances and methods of a 1911 malf, even though he wasn't going to be using one.
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