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Interesting insight, there. I'm not certain how to categorize it....but it is "interesting".

I'm certain we have our share of "armchair warriors" and retired types. But I think the content of SWAT, being geared toward Training and Tactics, tends not to be attractive to the Whiz-Bang-New-FireStick-From-Hell crowd.

As to the Cane vs the Knife: I commissioned that one. I carry a cane in venues where I can't carry a gun....highly effective, go-anywhere weapon. Similarly, I'm the one who developed the direction for SWAT. It's evident in our Mission Statement:
To promote the responsible use of defensive weapons, tactics and training; to encourage law enforcement and civilian firearms owners to recognize and exploit issues of common ground in our mutual effort to preserve a free and safe society.
Obviously, had I chosen to word that as "U.S. law enforcement agency's authorized SWAT team tactics", we'd be producing a different magazine. Me, I'm proud to be associated with a "serious shooter's" magazine, rather than the "serious shooters who happen to wear badges" variety.

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