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I agree, the customer is NOT always right. I worked for a major automotive dealership in California for a couple years doing service and warrenty claims. The first thing I learned ( was taught) is John Q Public is a LIAR !!

Everyday I would have people lined up wanting someting FREE, I had cars that were run into curbs and wanted a free tire because it "just blew out'. Cars with No oil in the crank case wanted a new engine. People would protest " its a safety item so you have to fix it.... FREE" .

Well 4 balled tires is a safety item too and no your not getting a free rear view mirror on a 8 year old car because you hung 7 lbs of crap off it.

I see only one side of the Wilson story so I cant make a judgement call on this, I hope he gets is resolved. But what I have seen working with the public is if you give everything away they want you will go out of bussiness.
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