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"Bump Fire Bozos"

If it were not for the so-called, "bump fire bozo's et al", or other armchair wannabe warriors, then I would dare say, that the publishers of "S.W.A.T. Magazine", would not be generating the sales that they currently, or previously enjoyed! And what in heaven's name, has an article like, "The Cane vs. The Knife: Simple Walking Stick or Serious Sell-Defense (sic)?", got to do with any U.S. law enforcement agency's authorized SWAT team tactics??? Or have things changed that much in the last 3 years since I retired?

Deputy Donald B., LASD (Retired)
"To win 100 victories in 100 battles is not the highest skill, but to defeat the enemy without fighting, that is the highest skill". (Asian Martial Arts Proverb)

"Those who ignore history, are doomed to repeat it." (Anon.)

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