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Interesting, many have made good points so far so ill just add my thoughts

Instead of a flashlight for your "home protector" weapon get a rail light... using a flashlight with a pistol can be trickier than it sounds... having the light attached to the weapon makes it far more efficient, pointing the light source wherever your weapon is without having to think about what your doing with your left hand or weak hand makes for a much less complicated situation... especially if your half asleep...

as others have said im the kinda guy that can sleep thru the kids tearing down the house... but touch my front door handle or my bedroom door handle and im awake instantly... having learned this from sleeping in the day and working night hours for a number of years, u learn to block out alot of "normal sounds" and wake up to the abnormal, its a good practice to pay attention to the sounds of your home at night as the silence of the night can bring out some pretty strange sounds, such as, the furnace kicking on, fridge, freezer, neighbors up late etc.

hmm and thats about all i have to add =) good points tho from everyone.
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