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Wow Tamara, You Know Your...umm, 'Stuff' (REVISED)

...I'm going to publically disagree with *gulp* Pat Rogers.

Pat brought up a point in an article in the 12/04 issue of SWAT that set off something that's been a slow-simmer issue with me for a year or two now.

It started with the "no-snag" sights that are de rigeur on custom 1911's for several years now, all the various versions of Heinies and Novaks and whatnot. Why are all these sights backwards?
Kudos Tamara! Not to knock an acknowledged, and respected, expert's opinion at all... But regarding the shape of the front of a combat pistol's rear sight, you raise a very valid question.

As Tamara pointed out, if the front side of that rear blade is flat; or has some sort of feature that is blunt enough to easily snag something (there are brands of excellent after-market sights that are designed this way), then you can at least try to catch it on your belt and/or the corner/edge of one of your pants pockets for example; or some other nearby object, and rack the slide. It may work, and it may not - at that moment - but at least you have that option available to you.

Tim L mentioned some alternate techniques: (1) Use the edge of the ejection port. Yes, that is a good idea, but not all ejection ports have square, notched, and/or very snagible (sp?) edges. (2) Using your front sight. Another valid suggestion; especially if you are hunkered down, but try doing that while moving, shooting and scooting, or running for cover (in a real-life stress situation)? Much more difficult!

Jeff Gonsales, another acknowledged expert, also weighed in to support Tamara's line of questioning/thought as well.

I noticed in one of Pat Roger's rebuttals, that he said something along the lines that, the techniques he's describing do not apply to over 90% of the people who read this stuff, and he's right! Alhough, I'd take that one step further by stating, that the hook your sloped and rounded rear sight on the armhole of an external ballistic vest technique, also does NOT apply to the vast majority of uniformed LEO's in the U.S., who wear their vests underneath their uniforms.

If LAPD/LAPD SWAT (or anyone else) likes their sloped rear-sighted Kimbers; and can consistently rack that piece one-handed under stress, then all power/blessings to them. However, their rival, the mean, lean, Tan & Green Machine, aka: the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department, (LASD), wants nothing to do with such gun sights. And neither do their special weapons and tactics team (S.E.B.), nor their undercover units, Detective Bureau, Patrol, nor any other of the various units in that agency (as per departmental policy).

I like options, and reducing one of them, by installing slippery slope rear sights; when there are other excellent sights available that will get the job done, just doesn't seem like a very good idea. However, catching a nice chunky rear sight, with nice rounded non-gotcha-during-training-corners, is way easier/faster; as trapshooter pointed out, than trying to snag an ejection port, for example. I am not knocking the later procedure, or Tim L either, (as it is another valid technique to put in your tool box).

As all of us are quite aware, it is extremely important that we continue to think ahead, and play 'what if games'; before the shtf, and give ourselves as many options as practical. I am very grateful for this forum (new member), and have forgotten many things over the years. I personally appreciated the valuable dialogue that this topic generated!

Parting Thought: Most of us are cognizant of the fact, that the original Colt automatic pistols (M1911 & 1911A1) were designed specifically for the military, and were G.I. with flat bladed rear sights. It's not mere coincidence, that many of today's modern pistols; that are also designed for military and/or law enforcement, also come with similar rear sights too (excluding Kimber, and/or other manufacturers like them, who are trying to garner a larger market share of the Colt 1911 clone market).

Happy Holidays to all, and stay safe!

PS: If it were not for the so-called, "bump fire bozo's et al", or other armchair wannabe warriors, then I would dare say, that the publishers of "S.W.A.T. Magazine", would not be generating the sales that they currently, or previously enjoyed! And what in heaven's name, has an article like, "The Cane vs. The Knife: Simple Walking Stick or Serious Sell-Defense (sic)?", got to do with any U.S. law enforcement agency's authorized SWAT team tactics??? Or have things changed that much in the last 3 years since I retired?

Deputy Donald B., LASD (Retired)
"To win 100 victories in 100 battles is not the highest skill, but to defeat the enemy without fighting, that is the highest skill". (Asian Martial Arts Proverb)

"Those who ignore history, are doomed to repeat it." (Anon.)

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