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i did some looking around and i was amazed at what was banned and WHY.

it LOOKS like a m-16 so thats the reason to ban it? it holds 30 round and not 15 so we should ban it?

this is basically feel good legislation. its the equivalent of turning on the light to scare away the monsters under your bed. it didnt really do anything at all.

i dont understand the point in taking a 15 round clip and reducing it to a 10 round clip. you just reload more often but ISNT going to keep a person from killing other people if they choose to. again, feel good legislation.

the people this "ban" effected the most was law abiding citizens. it didnt do squat to reduce crime and didnt do squat to keep firearms out of criminals hands.

doesnt matter if its a .22 or an ak-47, its still in the wrong hands if held by a criminal.
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