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Interesting Thread.

I prefer the 1911 style and mine do not have FLGRs. Yes I have / do practice various one handed drills, strong and weak handed.

My thinking is bad stuff happens to good people, has a tendency to do so at the worst possible time. I subscribe to learning how to deal with these situations before they happen. Some call it "what ifs" , some call it "training" . I also subscribe to the One learns from mistakes - a whole lot less expensive and painful if someone else's mistake .

Some areas I "think outside the box" on :

- Something other than the 1911 platform, and Revolvers.

-Persons for whatever reason, that are challenged; be it injury, recovering from surgery , arthritis ,or born with a problem that a normal healthy person never considers.

-For whatever reason one is in a Serious Situation, name of the game is survival. Even so , and doing best can to obey the 4 Rules, that Threat needs immediate attention, so yep that muzzle might sweep oneself, using the other 3 rules keeps you safe.

Now I have helped folks that were challenged, the Tip-Up Beretta in .380 allows one to chamber a round without racking the slide. Allows them to make safe, and double check the firearm is safe, be it cleaning, range use , whatever. First rule : have a gun. Forget the caliber wars and such, have a gun.

I/ we also worked with folks using 1911 with FLGRs, Glocks, Keltec P-11s, revolvers....whatever... they had in one hand drills. Matters not why or what they have what they do, maybe the new CCW student, Have a gun and learn to use to best of abililty. That single mom on a budget just can't up and buy a new one - she can learn the Model 10, the P-11 or the Tip Up .380 she has.

Just some of MY thoughts.

Use Enough Gun
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