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All this talk about safety has worked it's way into here when it was mainly just to stir up ANY idea. BillCA picked up on it best I think:

>>>Everyone should know 2 ways to rack a slide single handed. <<<

It's not safe, and none of these methods really are. You want to rack on a brick wall and have it go off a foot from your face as opposed to in your hand as in my original method? One doesnt seem better or worse than the other to me. I dont want to be shot anywhere.

Other things that worked into this are well I'll never be one handed or why dont you carry a revolver. You've never slipped in the shower or seen someone get hurt at work or be in a car accident? Any of these can leave you at least temporarily with one less arm. As to just carrying a revolver...that's all I'd ever carry as long as I have a choice. But I also own autos, so I'd like to know how to use them in every way possible.

The one last thing is this is on the tactics forum, not the semi forum. I thought this is the place for what-ifs, not safe range practice. I dont mean to sound like an ass, it just seems as if this thread is being taken every which way but the way it was intended, and maybe that was my fault for not being clear enough. I know safety, but not being prepared for any situation you can think of is the biggest risk of all. I seen my guns jam before, and if some emergency comes up.

Randy's What-If: All Randy has left for target practice is his 357HPs and he's having a great day and decides to polish them all off at the range. He has plenty of 9mms left cuz he has a billion to begin with. Driving home with revo now empty, crazy drunk runs a red and smashes Randy's Tbird. Of course crazy drunk is alright and is coming up on the Tbird with tire iron in hand, swinging madly and smashing the already smashed car sayign how he's gonna kill ME for ruining HIS car. Randy's arm was smashed in the accident and he's now out the other side of the car scramblin to load up a mag with crazy drunk in hot pursuit so he cant stop to rack it on his car. Hmmm...I never thought it was neccessary to learn any other ways to rack with one hand. Boy am I kicking myself now as I have a gun I cant figure out how to rack and drunk Bubba is getting ready to split my skull.

Big what-if, but is it impossible? My revo is out of the picture, my arm is out of commission, and I somehow must rack my gun with no foreign objects and no time to grab it on the back of my knee. I'd risk losing my figure tip again (a piece got cut off at work once cuz I tried to hurry) if that was the only way I could think of in a pinch to do it. That's enough rant for now. Basically though, safety was not to be part of this thread, open mindedness was.

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