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Me too

I tend to wake up from the slightest sound and fairly quickly can listen and try to figure out what is going on, too. Which is a real pain in the , as then I have to get back to sleep and am tired at work the next day. The sounds? Likely pets playing or knocking things over, in most cases. One night years ago in an apt., I guess I was dreaming of bad guys, and was woken by some people outside the front door coming home or some such. The mind blended the two experiences together. I rolled out of bed, racked a round into the 1911, flicked on the safety, all automatically by the book and proceded into the living room with gun in hand, till I realised what I was doing, took a deep breath, and went back to bed. I guess I was gonna see who was gonna come thru the door or something. Never did anything unsafe, per se, but unusual experience made me wonder...
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