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Russian Ammo

Another problem with that type of ammo is the sealant (for extended storage) used on the cartridge (like Wolf ammo). When that stuff gets hot after a few dozen rounds (along with the horrible pwder) it turns to a gooey glue-like substance in your beloved rifle. Not only seen it first hand, but several Range Masters consider it "inappropriate", to put it nicely. It is possible that the ammo is not intended for auto or semi-auto rifles, regardless what the carton says. I do know however, that most of that Russian ammo is made with non-reloadable cartridges and will foul your dies. I was one of those ding-dongs that had to learn that the hard way. Your analysis of inspecting the spent primer is a very good indicator of a proper load. It seems you know what to do, and not use it. Regards, Bill
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