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It has been brought to my attention...


It has been brought to my attention by others whom I trust that you may be a troll. Based off your questions, I am beginning to see why. You ask questions that seem innocent, but move towards promoting a hidden agenda.

I have already told you to use the search feature to find the answers to your questions and you ignore it.

I will tell you this, if I find out that this OKJoe, I will ban you...again.

This thread is closed, since there is nothing constructive that can come from it.

If you are upset with my decision feel free to contact me off line, but it is final.

If I see another post by you on this subject, it will be closed and you may be banned.


I had the chance to speak with Joe and after a good conversation, I want to apologize for insinuating he might be OKJoe. My bad.
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