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Strong Hand Only course

We just got finished up doing another one of our Strong Hand Only courses. Usually we go through the same routine as far as what works and what doesn't work. The best method we have seen has been using the rear sight to anchor to a fixed object. Our preference is a belt, followed by a pocket, followed by a holster. From there, cant the muzzle away from the body and then push down and away. This has been the most reliable technique to date. The one thing we caution folks on is any technique that grounds them out. If you have to be static to fix the problem then it is a less than optimum technique and one we avoid like the plague. I know it is hard to picture it from the written word, but hopefully you gleam enough.

The bad news is snag free sights suck for this, which is why we worked with a major sight manufactur to produce a very positive sight that grips just about anything.

The history to our program stems from team mates losing an extremity in training accidents and developing a shooting program for them. It laid dormiant for years until my first son was born, then became popular with many EP companies and now that we have been working so much with the integration of shields and K9 officers it has taken off. We have had two officers attend who both lost an extremity in vehicle accidents while on duty. The class is also one of the hardest physically to complete.

Anyhow, we have seen lots of things most that fall short on the success meter so take that for what it is worth.

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