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>>>No matter how I rack the slide with one hand, the bad guy would have to be incredibly stupid to stand there and let me fumble through it.
If (A), I'm stupid, and deserve to die.
If (B), I must miss a lot, and deserve to die.
If (C), my gun is a POS and I deserve to die.<<<

I would go as far to say all autos suffer from: firing pin fatigue, main spring fatigue, mag spring fatigue, extractor spring fatigue, oil running out of the rails while holstered, and a load of other things that occur from regular use, not abuse. Any one of those things can make a racking neccessary. You arent going to know when any of that is about to take place to the point the weapon wont operate until it happens. And Murphy says it will always happen at the worst time. The only thing stupid is lack of preparation.

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