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Let's think about this for a second...

I'm in trouble, I have one hand, and I have to rack the slide...

One would assume that I have to shoot a bad guy, who is probably close (or the pistol wouldn't do). Either (A) I am drawing for the first time (and should have done the slide at home), or (B) I am reloading and for some reason the slide went closed before I could get the magazine in, or (C) I am trying to eject a round that didn't fire for some reason.

No matter how I rack the slide with one hand, the bad guy would have to be incredibly stupid to stand there and let me fumble through it.

If (A), I'm stupid, and deserve to die.
If (B), I must miss a lot, and deserve to die.
If (C), my gun is a POS and I deserve to die.
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