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Tried the belt buckle thing again with a little more success. If I go up it point at my face which is a no-no or if I try it pointing down, it ends up pointing at something I def dont wanna be shooting off. My method is similar to NovaSS's but backwards. I'm not saying my method is the best or safest, but if I've already had a hand disabled by my attacker, safety has already gone out the window. I made a vid clip of my method. Yes that is my finger in the trigger which I'm sure will make many of you upset at me, but I have a good grip and good control over muzzle direction with it, and you cant see it well but my finger is a good inch or so from the trigger. If you dont like it, dont use it. We all shoot diff guns and we all do it with our own style. I hope I never need to one hand my gun for any reason. Having any method is better than none.

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