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Used to do it all the time with a 1911

Lay an UNLOADED fire arm on the table in front of you with the muzzle facing right. Lay your right hand on the gun with your 4 finger wrapping over the top of the slide, locating your hand towards the rear of the slide works best. Pick up the fire arm and hold it out in front of you. What you will be doing is using your thumb to reach around under the hammer (were the graip safety is on a 1911.) Your are racking the slide by pulling in with your thumb. It takes a lot of hand strength and practice. Once you rack the slide and release you kind of give the weapon a little flip in the air and catch it in the normal grip.

The things you learn while on watch at 3:00 AM !

P.S. laying the gun on the table is just to give you proper orientaion.
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