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Yeah, I was afraid this was gonna sound wrong without a pic, I'll see if I can get something together today. The Baby Eagle has a square trigger guard, unlike the CZ, so I think it leaves me alot more room in there and the slide around the muzzle has alot of extra meat on it too. I'm certainly not practicing this w/ live ammo or anything, but if TSHF, I'm sure I'd be alright this way. I can switch between a shooting grip and this one nice and quick and wont have to worry if my belt buckle decided to move to one side or another during the previous course of events. Opposing forces between my thumb and finger make me feel this is a rare occasion that it isnt totally wrong to have my finger inside the guard. If I needed to do this to clear a jam, the chamber would already be empty, it wont fire out of battery, and when it racks, the trigger is pulled back further than normal, giving me even more free room. I'm sure many other autos may not be safe to use this way, but this is the only one I have to play with. Like I said, I'll try and snap some pics today if I get a chance.


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