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Hey guys:

Any movement towards a date?

Also, the "Rifleman's Challenge" that I would suggest is that everyone who wants to kicks in enuf $ (5-10) so that the cost of the Port to the donor is free (AIM sells it now for $160). So 10 shooters = $16, 30 = $5.50, etc.

Rules I'd propose would be simple:
- no scopes (fellas, we're at 25m/82 feet)
- slings can be used in all positions, but are not required
- standing: 10 rds/2 mins
- seated/kneeling: for the two targets in this stage on the Fred QDAQT (Quick and Dirty Army Qualification Target), 50 seconds, start from standing loaded w/ two rounds, at whistle drop to seated/kneel, fire two rounds at left target, change mag/new mag w/ 8 rounds, 3 more shots at left target, 5 shots at right target.
- prone/rapid: same drill as above, only 60 seconds, drop to prone, three shots on each of the first two targets in this stage, with four shots into the final target
-prone slow: start in prone, 10 shots, 5 minutes, 2 shots in each of the two left targets, 3 shots in each of the two right targets
- "Thutty cal" rule: bullet hole, if sized up to .30 for you 5.56 shooters, if touching score line gets the higher score
- Winner/high score takes the case of ammo

I'll bet I can get Fred to kick in the targets; if not, I'll supply them.

Finally, for the gent that has never shot beyond 100m and has never gotten off the bench, I cannot recommend highly enough the Rifleman's Guides and Target Pacs from Fred:

Until July, I too had never been in prone or seated positions, and never shot beyond 100. Using the Guide and the 25m training concept, I have gotten to where I can reliably (not every time, but a lot) hit head and shoulder targets at 400 and beyond with iron sights and 45 year old eyes. 300 and closer, they are kaput -- every time.

You can do it too!

PS: For real fun, come to the Hungarian Revolution shoot next weekend. See the post in this forum!
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