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One Hand Racking

Was reading on THR today about learning to rack your slide without the use of your other hand. (If it was discussed on here I couldnt find it again...although I semi remember Tamara talking about some article and racking the slide on a trashcan???) So when I got home, I decided to try it with the Baby Eagle.

On my belt? Not on this one anyway.

On the table, yeah, but only if I line it up perfectly. Even so, what if I need to do it outside somewhere?

So I was looking at it and saw the front of the slide has plenty of meat on it, and here's what I came up with:

I gripped the pistol with my fingers wrapped around the reciever bottom and the slide along the inside of my thumb, middle finger inside trigger guard in front of trigger and last 2 fingers around the outside, barrel up and away from face. My thumb is now nicely positioned over the end of the slide/barrel. I hook my thumb over the edge of the slide (it's enough reach I cant really get stuck on the barrel) and as I squeeze my thumb, it racks the slide and my middle finger puts upward pressure on the trigger guard to keep it froms liding out of my hand and it keeps my finger away from the trigger.

I hope I explained it clear enough. It seems safe to me because it's real easy to control where it is pointed and my fingers are mostly out of the way of barrel and trigger by the point the gun would be able to fire. If you change the middle finger to one of it's neighbors you can adjust the grip for diff barrel lengths. It also doesnt require holster/belt/vest/what have you to do, just the fact you have a couple free fingers.

I'm sure if I ever have the need to do a one handed racking this would get the job done. May not work with everyone's hand size/strength or barrel length and spring rate, but may be worth you checking out. Just an idea...

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