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I cannot believe Dillon!

I've owned a Square Deal press for going on 10 years. I load only medium velocity straightwall pistol calibers so this thing is perfect for me.

I haven't had a lot of trouble mainly because the thing is just made so well. And whenever I've had trouble, Dillon did everything for me short of sending a repairman to my house.

Anyway, last week I came on this forum asking for advice about my primers dropping onto the floor instead of feeding into the priming device. It was Friday night and Dillon was closed so I couldn't call them until Monday.

Monday I called them and got a live person immediately. I can't stand phone trees so this was great. I told the guy my problem. He says it's the little caps on the end of the priming tube. He says he'll send me some more, asap. I asked if I could have some more for the small tube. "No problem", says he. I said the machine's 10 years old. No sweat. Lifetime warranty.

Then I said that another little piece broke about seven years ago and could I get a replacement. He said they don't make it anymore, but they'd send the improved version.

All that was Monday afternoon. Thursday afternoon I get a package with a whole new primer feed assembly, replacement parts, and even a magazine called "Shooting Illustrated." All at no charge.

I've got to tell you, with guys like this in the shooting sports, we can't lose! Thanx Dillon!
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